Health of our employees is our priority, therefore, we have provided them with an ergonomic working environment and additional health insurance.

Our company’s employees have an opportunity to attend free sport exercises that are held in the office premises. Each year we participate in sport events, such as running and velo marathons and other.

The Swedish language courses are organized for the employees willing to improve their language skills and abilities. We also have the library of the Swedish books where everybody can come and pick up the book of their interest for reading.

There are various kinds of staff committees operating in the company, where the employees are allowed to engage in the activities that are not related to their work assignments directly. Currently, the committees are working on the employees’ welfare, innovation and communication issues.

In order to ensure the quality and productivity of our work, we must be able to relax. We spend our breaks by challenging each other with the football matches and board games or watching the world news with a cup of coffee.

We believe that good must be shared. Therefore, we cooperate with the aid and charity organizations, participate in various social campaigns and encourage our employees to volunteer on their work and leisure time (up to 3 working days can be used for volunteering per year).

Fostering and maintaining Swedish traditions is an integral part of the Scandinavian work culture. Some of the examples are the St. Lucia day and the tasting of the semla buns at the time of Shrove Tuesday.

The office life is actively created by the employees themselves. Fruits and the music in the kitchen, umbrellas and the recycling system are just some of the implemented ideas suggested by our employees.